E-LISA srl is an innovative company that provides various services in the field of orthopedic surgery, being able to rely on a team composed of doctors (surgeons, radiologists), radiology technicians, mechanical engineers, IT engineers and experts in communication, business management and marketing.

The purpose of E-LISA is to improve the entire management of trauma affecting the articulations, minimizing errors in the diagnosis process and during the surgery.
In order to achieve this goal E-LISA srl develops following services:

  • 3D virtual pre-operative planning: E-LISA provides the surgeon with 3D interactive documents of CT reconstruction in order to ensure total control over surgical procedures. These documents enable the surgeon to understand, before entering the operating room, which tools he will need, the measurements and the correct positioning of tools e.g. plates, screws, implants, the diagnosis and the operation simulation based on a mathematical model, all in one interactive 3D file. Have a pre-operative planning available increases confidence in the operating room, which increases the chances of a better patient outcome.

  • 3D printing reproduction of the fractures: thanks to the service of "Upload Anonymized Dicom" developed by E-LISA, the surgeon is able to receive anatomically realistic models of the trauma in 3D print in order to simulate the surgery, or to optimize his communication with the patient or his equipe (team).

  • 3D printing realization of custom-made surgical guides: accurate planning and subsequent implementation of patient-specific surgical guides allow the correct execution of the surgery as planned. This means fewer resources, in terms of time and costs.

  • Digital platform for E-learning and for the services use: E-LISA strongly believes in spreading knowledge and for this reason there are wide sections on the digital platforms, which are dedicated to digital teaching through 3D interactive training. Furthermore an extensive database of clinical cases is available. Through digital platforms, the surgeon is able to view video and graphic animations of complex surgical operations carried out by top experts in orthopedic surgery.

Starting from the first operative application on shoulder fractures, the E-LISA platform intends to devote itself to the management of the most complex anatomical districts and where more often negative clinical outcomes occur, such as: the shoulder, the elbow, the hip, the knee and ankle.